Tipi / Tandrup campsite

Tipi hut and its surrounding campsite is owned by the Klit Division of the Danish Scouts.

Tandrup Campsite is 20,000 m2 and is in Vester Vandet between Thisted and Klitmøller, in Thy National Park.

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Tipi  Address:

Lejrpladsen "Tandrup"
Tandrupvej 1
Vester Vandet
7700 Thisted


For rentals: Treasurer Jane Bauer janebauer [at] mail [dot] dk

For problems on site: contact Søren Klemme 0045 60 73 72 22


Tipi hut and the surrounding campsite is owned by the Klit Division of the Danish Scouts.

 Thisted Scouts

Klitmøller Scouts

Kong Fegge 



Tipi Scout Hut is equipped with

- sitting room with a fireplace, benches and tables

- dormitory with bunk beds (sleeps 5)

- kitchen with stove, oven, fridge, hot and cold water, coffee machine, boiler for hot water, basic kitchen utensils, crockery and cutlery, enough for simple meals



Tandrup campsite

The campsite is divided into a number of smaller sites so it can accommodate anything between a small group of 10 and a large group of 200.  Each smaller site has a specific name that relates to the ‘teepee’ theme.  There is a lake to one side and woodland the other side of the campsite.  There are separate toilet facilities for men and for women, with cold running water.  Cold water outdoor showers can be found behind the toilet block, while cold water washbasins are along the sides.   

For a picture of the toilet facilities, click here:

Rubbish (refuse) must be placed in the shed in the car park.


Out and about

The campsite is located Lake Vandet on one side and state forest on the other, and in the middle of Thy National Park.

Lake Vandet is perfect for all kinds of activities. The campsite has its own access to the lake, and there are old oil drums (clean!) at the campsite, so you can build your own raft.

In the state forest there are a number of shelters within walking distance.  A path system into the forest starts right next to the campsite, with plenty of opportunities for walking or orienteering in the woods.  
Tandrup is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty offering endless possibility for exploring, by bike, car or on foot. 

5 km to Denmark’s largest nature reserve, with many animals and rare plants.

8 km to the old fishing community of Klitmøller that is still a very lively village with many activities, especially in the summer. There is a lovely beach for bathing, and a walk along the beach is lovely at any time of year.

Thisted is 10 km away.  This is the ’capital’ of Thy with plenty of shops and interesting museums.

Hanstholm is 14km away. Explore one of Denmark’s largest fishing ports.  This fish auction is an experience to remember, for those who are up early.
There is also the fascinating archive, museum and bunkers from the Second World War.


How to rent

1) Check the calendar to see if the hut or the campsite are available at the time you want it /them

2) Read through the rules, so that you know which responsibilities site rental entails.

3) Contact rentals manager Jane Bauer janebauer [at] mail [dot] dk

4) You will then receive a confirmation of rental (see attachment)

5) Nearer the time, you will receive a messege wher to find the key and payment instructions

6) After rental, the site will be checked to ensure that the hut and campsite are left in an appropriate condition. If it is not properly cleaned etc, there will be a surcharge..

Jane Bauer

E-mail janebauer [at] mail [dot] dk

Problems during your stay? Contact Søren Klemme: mobile 60 73 72 22



The price is 40 DKK per participant per night (Minimum 600 DKK per night) and includes the hut and electricity, with a deposite of 10% of the total rental, to be substracted from the final bill.

Deposits will not be returned later than 30 days before rental.

 If it is not properly cleaned etc, there will be a surcharge. 500 DKK pr. hour. Lost keys 1000 DKK.

Rules and Regulations


1)   Tables and benches may not be taken out, use the old ones that are hanging behind the hut instead. Please put them back after use.

 2)   Fishing, surfing and motor-boating are not allowed.

 3)   Please respect the different fenced-off areas.

 4)   This is private property, owned by Danish Scouts. Overnight stays and other activities are only permitted on prior agreement with the owners.          

 5)   Please return the rafts to the right place and replace firewood.

6)   Do not burn firewood unnecessarily.

 7)   Make sure all fires are out before you leave.

 8)   Cover all holes and replace the turf.


Rules for rubbish (refuse)

1)    On arrival, put refuse sacks in the bins provided.  Remember bags for toilet refuse.

 2)    Wet rubbish, kitchen waste etc. must be put in a plastic bag and tied with a knot before it is placed in the paper refuse sacks.

 3)    Broken glass and other sharp items must be carefully wrapped in newspaper or similar before being placed in the bins, so as not to injure the dustman.

 4)    Rubbish, paper, plastic, cigarette stubs, tins, bits of guy rope etc. must not be left in the wild and not on the campsite.  Please use the bins provided.

 5)    Full refuse bags must be closed with string and placed in the rubbish shed.

 6)    All rubbish and all refuse sacks must be placed in the rubbish shed at departure.  No refuse sacks may be left in the bins when you leave, even if they are half empty.

 7)    Empty bottles must be taken home again. Full ones may be handed over to the camp attendant. J

 8)   Ensure that it looks tidy in the rubbish shed and that all sacks are stored tidily, otherwise the dustmen may refuse to take them.


Firewood and gadget wood - rules:

1)    Gadget wood is left for building camp equipment with – not to burn‼‼

2)    Gadget wood must be replaced after use, and sorted into appropriate lengths. It must not be left touching the ground.

3)    The firewood is owned by Klit Division.  Therefore, firewood may only be burnt by the owners, or those renting the campsite and hut.  Use or removal of firewood by anyone other than these two groups will be regarded as theft.

4)   Be careful with firewood and use only that which is necessary.

5)   There are saw and wood axe in the hut, so big logs can be cut down to size

 6)  You are welcome to leave brushwood and branches between the trees around the campsite, but only within our own land, as delimited by the fences.  We would be very grateful if you use this brushwood when you make a bonfire.


”Keeping mice away” - rules:

1)     All pots and pans etc. must be stored upside down and placed in the cupboard. Pot lids must stand upright in the cupboard.

2)    Washing up bowls must be placed upside down on the wooden rack under the kitchen top.

3)    Washing up brushes must be hung up on the hooks above the sink.

4)    All kitchen equipment, cutlery and crockery as well as cleaning equipment must be placed in the plastic boxes provided, with their lids properly closed.

5)    Keep your food in the fridge and in sealed containers.

6)   All the hut’s cloths and other wet cleaning equipment that you have used must be left hanging up to dry on the nails in the kitchen so that the hut attendant can find them and take them home to wash.

 7)    NOTHING and we mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING may be left in the hut when you leave to go home. That means that you take EVERYTHING that you brought with you. This applies also to newspapers, candles, kitchen roll, tea bags, coffee filters, spices, sugar etc..

 8) Make sure that everything is left as clean as you would wish to find it when you leave (see the cleaning guidelines)  


Hut cleaning guidelines – for before departure:

1)    Stand the dormatory mattresses their sides, and vacuum the bunks.  .

 2)  Place all kitchen equipment in the appropriate places.  Pots should be placed upside down in the cupboard.  Everything should of course be thoroughly cleaned.

 3)    All shelves, benches, tables and worktops must be wiped clean with a damp cloth with hot water and cleaning fluid.

 4)    Clean the oven, oven grids and trays and the cooker. Use hot water and cleaning fluid.

 5)    Clean the refridgerator thoroughly.  Use hot water and cleaning fluid.  Unplug it and leave the door held open with the block with a wooden peg that is to be found above the fridge.

 6)    If the windows are greasy, clean them with a cloth and window cleaner.

 7)    Put the trestles and table tops on the fixed bench.

 8)    Sweep the floor and then vacuum it thoroughly.  Wash it with hot water and brown soap (brun sæbe).

 9)    Empty the fireplace and sweep out the ash.

10)  Turn off all radiators and the boiler.  Turn off the electricity at the mains switch. 

11) Nothing, and we mean nothing, may be left in the hut at departure. That means, that you must take everything you brought with you home again.

12) Remove the rubbish bag from the big bin and put it in the refuse sacks in the rubbish shed. 


Cleaning guidelines for the toilet block before departure:

1)   Remove all rubbish and other items.

2)   Thoroughly scrub the toilets both outside and in with hot water and cleaning fluid.

3)   Thoroughly scrub the hand basins with hot water and cleaning fluid.

4)  Wipe the shelves and mirrors with hot water and cleaning fluid.

5)   Sweep the floor and then vacuum thoroughly. There is an extension lead and power supply in the hut.

6)   Wash the floor with hot water and cleaning fluid.

7)   Scrub the outside basins.

8)   Turn off the lights and lock the toilet block.

9) Remove the sacks from the large rubbish bins and put them in the refuse sacks in the rubbish shed.